Zafia’s Family House

Zafia’s family house is a non profit organization that will be providing short to long-term housing for families whose children are hospitalized while being treated for cancer, or any other long-term illness in the Roseville area. Zafia’s Family House began as a wish Zafia had while battling cancer.” (From  She saw the call for […]

Memory Monday

I don’t really know exactly why I’m posting this, it’s so random. But hey enjoy! I believe I was around the age of six possibly seven at the time. I was enjoying myself at a park in my neighborhood on some play structure. I wanted to try to get on top of it so I […]

Let go and be yourself

As human beings, every day we tell ourselves and others what is acceptable and what is not. We need to have individuality but you can’t be too different because that’s weird. Nobody likes or wants to be friends with a freak. You have to wear these clothes so everyone will like you and think you […]