Zafia’s Family House


Zafia’s family house is a non profit organization that will be providing short to long-term housing for families whose children are hospitalized while being treated for cancer, or any other long-term illness in the Roseville area. Zafia’s Family House began as a wish Zafia had while battling cancer.” (From  She saw the call for a house where families could stay while their critically ill child was hospitalized nearby. Our goal is to fulfill this wish for Zafia. Zafia is my sister. Zafia was diagnosed with cancer at age 12, she battled for two years when the doctors told her she only had two months to live. She passed away at age 14 in 2006. She was adopted from an orphanage in Uzbekistan at the age of three. She had lived in the orphanage since she was an infant. Zafia wanted my parents to continue living their life and have another child. My parents felt like they should adopt again and they adopted me four years after Zafia passed.

My biological mother passed away when I was 9 years old, my biological father left my mom when I was a baby. After my mom passed, I bounced around different family members, and 5 different elementary schools. I didn’t want to keep living that kind of life so I talked to my social worker about moving to a stable group home and she said to think about adoption instead. Within four months they found a couple in El Dorado Hills that wanted to adopt a girl. We met and I swear it was love at first sight. Almost like the movies, but better. My adopted parents’ loss a daughter and I lost a mother. We were the perfect fit for each other. We filled each other empty holes. I didn’t replace Zafia because nobody could ever replace her. My adopted mother didn’t replace my biological mother but it was close enough for me to feel whole again. It’s almost impossible to replace or forget someone. Two weeks after meeting my adopted parents I moved in and the adoption was finalized in May, 2011.

We have been trying to do as much fundraising as we can to build Zafia’s Family House as soon as we can. There are so many families that are struggling and are in need of it right now. Zafia’s Family house will be a “home away from home”.  I’m so glad that I am apart of Zafia’s Family House. The house is not yet built, we are still fundraising money for it. We already have an architect that designed the house, now we just need the money to actually build it and land in Roseville to help families out.

Do you know anybody that is battling through cancer or any other long-term disease? Do you know of a family that s going through having a loved one in the hospital? Parents or other family members that are sleeping in the uncomfortable hospital chairs? Unfortunately, I think we all do. If you want to learn more about Zafia’s Family house please check out our website at Thank you for reading.


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